72 Hoorain (2023) Movie – Cast, Collection, Release Date & Info

72 Hoorain (2023) movie is an upcoming Hindi triller crime film directed by Sanjay Puran Singh & Chauhan and written by Anil Pandey & Junaid Wasi while film produced by Kiran Dagar. The movie staring Saru Maini, Aamir Bashir & Pawan Malhotra in lead roles and movie's background score by Mathias Duplessy.


Title: 72 Hoorain (Bahattar Hoorain): Exploring Conviction, Chaos, and the Human Psyche

72 Hoorain is an upcoming Indian film directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan and written by Anil Pandey. The movie promises to take audiences on a gripping and thought-provoking journey into the depths of the human psyche, exploring the interplay between conviction and chaos. With a slated release date of July 7, 2023, 72 Hoorain aims to captivate viewers with its intriguing storyline and compelling performances.

72 Hoorain unveils a tale where the unimaginable becomes a haunting reality. It delves into the lives of Fidayeens, individuals driven by an unwavering faith that defies all logic. These Fidayeens embark on a harrowing journey propelled by their unyielding conviction, seeking to meet the legendary 72 Virgins, known as the Hoorain, in the celestial realms.

The film features a talented ensemble cast, including Saru Maini, Aamir Bashir, and Pavan Malhotra. With their nuanced performances, these actors bring the complex characters to life, enabling viewers to deeply connect with their struggles, motivations, and the psychological depths they explore throughout the narrative.

72 Hoorain promises to delve into several thought-provoking themes that examine the human condition. Conviction and belief will take center stage, showcasing how powerful ideologies can shape individuals and propel them on extraordinary paths. The film is likely to explore the fine line between faith and fanaticism, blurring the boundaries between devotion and destruction.

Furthermore, the exploration of the human psyche will be a significant aspect of the narrative. Audiences can expect a journey into the depths of the characters’ minds as they grapple with their own beliefs, inner conflicts, and the consequences of their actions. The film might challenge viewers to question the motivations behind extreme ideologies and their impact on both individuals and society.

Director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, known for his visually striking and conceptually ambitious films, is likely to bring his unique vision to 72 Hoorain. With his distinctive directorial style and storytelling techniques, Chauhan aims to create an immersive cinematic experience that engages the senses and leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

72 Hoorain is an upcoming Indian film that promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of conviction, chaos, and the human psyche. With a talented cast, an intriguing storyline, and the directorial vision of Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, the film aims to captivate audiences by delving into the complexities of faith, fanaticism, and the consequences of unwavering beliefs. As the release date approaches, moviegoers eagerly anticipate this gripping tale that challenges societal norms and delves into the depths of the human mind.

72 Hoorain Movie Information:
Movie: 72 Hoorain
Budget: TBA
Box Office Collection: TBA
Cast(s): Aamir Bashir , Pawan Malhotra , Saru Maini
Director(s): Sanjay Puran Singh
Writer(s): Anil Pandey , Junaid Wasi
Producer(s): Kiran Dagar
Musician(s): Mathias Duplessy
Release Date: 07/07/2023
72 Hoorain (2023) Movie - Cast, Collection, Release Date & Info

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