Amaran Movie – Heroine, Cast, Crew, Ott, Release Date, Story & Info

In the realm of Tamil cinema, the anticipation for blockbuster releases never ceases, and "Amaran" is poised to be a game-changer in 2024. Directed by Rajkumar Periasamy and produced under the banners of Raaj Kamal Films International and Sony Pictures International, this action-packed drama boasts a stellar cast, led by Siva Karthikeyan and featuring Sai Pallavi, Rahul Bose, Lallu, Shreekumar, Ajaey Naga Raaman, Mir Salman, and Gaurav Venkatesh.


Plot and Genre:
“Amaran” is set to enthrall audiences with its dynamic blend of action and drama. With Rajkumar Periasamy at the helm, known for his previous successful projects, the film is expected to deliver a gripping narrative. While specific plot details are still under wraps, the combination of a talented cast, a seasoned director, and a compelling genre promises an engaging cinematic experience.

Cast and Characters:
The ensemble cast features Siva Karthikeyan and Sai Pallavi in pivotal roles, supported by a talented array of actors including Rahul Bose, Lallu, Shreekumar, Ajaey Naga Raaman, Mir Salman, and Gaurav Venkatesh. The combination of seasoned performers and emerging talents raises expectations for powerful character portrayals and on-screen chemistry.

Production Team:
The movie benefits from a powerhouse production team with Kamal Haasan and R. Mahendran spearheading the production. The collaboration between Raaj Kamal Films International and Sony Pictures International hints at a production that combines artistic finesse with global appeal.

Technical Expertise:
“Amaran” boasts an impressive technical crew, with cinematography by CH Sai and editing by R. Kalaivanan. The film is set to captivate audiences visually, as the cinematographer and editor work in tandem to create a seamless and visually stunning narrative.

The soul-stirring music for “Amaran” is crafted by the talented GV Prakash, promising a soundtrack that complements the intense action sequences and emotional drama. Sony Music, a prominent name in the music industry, adds to the anticipation surrounding the film’s musical composition.

Release and Certification:
“Amaran” has garnered a U/A certification, indicating that the film is suitable for a broad audience while offering a certain level of maturity. The OTT release on Netflix further ensures that the movie reaches a wide and diverse audience, transcending geographical boundaries.

As the release date, budget, and box office collection details remain shrouded in mystery, the excitement surrounding “Amaran” continues to build. With a formidable cast, an experienced director, and a production team known for delivering quality content, Tamil cinema enthusiasts can look forward to a cinematic extravaganza in 2024. Stay tuned for further updates as “Amaran” gears up to make its mark on the silver screen.

Amaran Movie Information:
Movie: Amaran
Genre(s): Action , Drama
Language(s): Tamil
Budget: Yet to be announce
Box Office Collection: Yet to be released
Cast(s): Ajaey Naga Raaman , Gaurav Venkatesh , Lallu , Mir Salman , Rahul Bose , Sai Pallavi , Shreekumar , Siva Karthikeyan
Director(s): Rajkumar Periasamy
Writer(s): Rajkumar Periasamy
Producer(s): Kamal Haasan , R.Mahendran
Musician(s): GV Prakash Kumar
Production Companies): Raaj Kamal Films International , Sony Pictures International
OTT Platform(s): Netflix
Amaran Movie - Heroine, Cast, Crew, Ott, Release Date, Story & Info

Amaran Movie Review:

Amaran (also known SK21) is an outstanding film, excelling in every aspect from its compelling writing to meticulous technical details. The unique blend of fantasy with a realistic touch is a remarkable achievement by director Rajkumar Periasamy and his team. Sivakarthikeyan’s exceptional performance, even without his on-set voice, adds to the film’s brilliance. Overall, Amaran is a cinematic masterpiece, raising the bar in storytelling and execution.

Amaran Official Trailer

Amaran Other Details

Movie Amaran
Heroine Sai Pallavi
Year 2024
Country India
Cinematography CH Sai
Edited by R. Kalaivanan
Costume Design by Amritha Ram
Location Management Shalendra Suwalka
Additional Crew Tamilmani. D
Music Label Sony Music
Duration Yet to be announced
Certification U/A
OTT Release Date Yet to be announced

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