Jee Ve Sohneya Jee Movie – Heroine, Cast, Crew, Release Date, Songs And Info

Jee Ve Sohneya Jee movie is set to unravel a poignant love story against a backdrop of drama. Immerse yourself in the on-screen chemistry of a stellar cast, featuring Imran Abbas and Simi Chahl, as they bring to life a tale of love, passion, and the complexities that accompany it.


Star-Studded Cast:
The film boasts a stellar cast, featuring Imran Abbas, Simi Chahl, Mintu Kapa, Udaya Vakati, Brian Shaw, Aman Bal, and Swaraj Sandhu. Their performances, under the direction of Thaparr, are expected to bring depth and authenticity to the characters, adding a layer of realism to the narrative.

Behind the Scenes:
The creative minds behind “Jee Ve Sohneya Jee” have spared no effort in ensuring a cinematic experience of the highest quality. The film is produced by Sunny Raj, Varun Arora, Amit Juneja, and Prabhjot Sidhu. The director of photography, Harpreet, captures the picturesque landscapes of Punjab, while Bharat S Raawat takes charge as the editor, ensuring a seamless flow of the narrative.

Sunny Vik, along with NVee, has crafted the soul-stirring background score, enhancing the emotional depth of the film. The music, featuring compositions by Sunny Vik and NVee, coupled with lyrics by Khara, Raj Fathepur, and Dilwala, promises a melodious treat for the audience. Renowned singers such as Atif Aslam, Afsahna Khan, Vikas Mann, and Navdeep Dhaliwal lend their voices to the captivating soundtrack.

Creative Team:
The art direction by Kambli Smita Ratnakar and Balkar Singh adds visual richness, while action director Aaron-Jon North choreographs gripping sequences. Nitasha Bhateja’s costume designs and Nitin Kalra’s contribution as the associate director play pivotal roles in bringing the characters to life.

Post-Production Excellence:
The film’s post-production is in the capable hands of Hitesh Panda, ensuring a flawless finish. Afterplay Studio, led by Maddy, oversees DI and sound, while Prakash Joseph handles the color grading. Rahul Gurung serves as the sound designer, and Shudhanshu Jaiswal brings his expertise to the VFX department, promising a visually stunning experience.

Visual Promotions and Publicity:
Move-E-Wale takes charge of visual promotions, heightening the anticipation, while the striking publicity design is handled by Bir Saaz. The film’s post-production supervisor, Hitesh Panda, ensures that every detail is meticulously crafted to deliver a cinematic masterpiece.

As “Jee Ve Sohneya Jee” gears up for its release, audiences can expect a captivating blend of romance and drama, enriched by stellar performances, soulful music, and top-notch production values. This Punjabi gem is poised to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers, making it a must-watch in 2024.

More Details Information
Film Title Jee Ve Sohneya Jee
Producers Sunny Raj, Varun Arora, Amit Juneja, Prabhjot Sidhu
Director of Photography Harpreet
Editor Bharat S Raawat
Associate Editor Yashraj Prajapati
Background Music (BGM) Sunny Vik
Year 2024
Lyricists Khara, Raj fathepur, Dilwala
Singers Atif Aslam, Afsahna Khan, Vikas Mann, Navdeep Dhaliwal
Art Directors Kambli Smita Ratnakar & Balkar Singh
Action Director Aaron-Jon North
Costume Designer Nitasha Bhateja
Associate Director Nitin Kalra
Chief Asst. Director Praveen Awara
DI & Sound Afterplay Studio (Maddy)
Colorist Prakash Joseph
Sound Designer Rahul Gurung
VFX Shudhanshu Jaiswal
Visual Promotions Move-E-Wale
Publicity Design Bir Saaz
Post Production Supervisor Hitesh Panda
Certification Yet to be announced
Duration Yet to be released
OTT Platform Yet to be announced
OTT Release Date Yet to be announced
Box Office Collection Yet to be announced

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster as “Jee Ve Sohneya Jee” hits the screens on February 16, 2024. Directed and written by Thaparr, the film boasts a stellar cast including Imran Abbas and Simi Chahl, promising a tale of love and drama set against the picturesque backdrop of Punjab.

Jee Ve Sohneya Jee Movie Information:
Movie: Jee Ve Sohneya Jee
Genre(s): Drama , Romance
Language(s): Punjabi
Budget: Yet to be announce
Box Office Collection: Yet to be release
Cast(s): Aman Bal , Brian Shaw , Imran Abbas , Mintu Kapa , Simi Chahl , Swaraj Sandhu , Udaya Vakati
Director(s): Thaparr
Writer(s): Thaparr
Producer(s): Amit Juneja , Prabhjot Sidhu , Sunny Raj , Varun Arora
Musician(s): NVee , Sunny Vik
Release Date: 16/02/2024
Jee Ve Sohneya Jee Movie - Heroine, Cast, Crew, Release Date, Songs And Info

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