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Aavesham Movie Info

In the heart of Bengaluru, a gripping tale unfolds in the upcoming action-packed thriller, “Aavesham,” directed by the talented Jithu Madhavan. Starring the dynamic duo Fahadh Faasil and Sajin Gopu, this film promises to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, family dynamics, and intense action sequences.

Movie TitleAavesham
StarringFahadh Faasil, Sajin Gopu, Mansoor Ali Khan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Hipzster, Mithun Jai Shankar, Roshan Shanavas, Midhutty
GenreThriller, Action
Plot“Aavesham” follows a Bengaluru family navigating relationships and suspenseful twists centered around the mysterious Ojo board, delivering a thrilling mix of drama and high-octane action.
DirectorJithu Madhavan
WriterJithu Madhavan
Release DateApril 11, 2024
ProducersNazriya Nazim, Anwar Rasheed
DOPSameer Thahir
Music ComposerSushin Shyam
EditorVivek Harshan
Production DesignAshwini Kale
AudiographyVishnu Govind
CostumesMashar Hamsa
Executive ProducerAR Ansar
Line ProducerPK Sreekumar
Project CEOMohsin Khais
MakeupRG Wayanadan
ActionChethan D‘souza
LyricsVinayak Sasikumar
Production ControllerVinod Sekar
Chief Associate DirectorsSumilal Subramanian, Arun Appukkuttan
VFXEgg White
ColouristSrik Varier
First Look and Title DesignAbhilash Chacko
DesignThought Station
Title GraphicsRajeev Gopal, Agin Davis
StillsRohith K Suresh, Nidad KN
SubtitleFill In The Blanks
ReleaseA&A Release
Teaser Music MixedAbin Paul
Digital PartnerAvenirtek Digital Private Limited
Aavesham Movie Info

“Aavesham” takes the audience into the lives of a family living in Bengaluru, skillfully weaving their narrative around the intriguing Ojo board. As they embark on a journey, the film explores the complexities of their relationships, unraveling a plot filled with suspense, drama, and high-octane action.

Cast and Crew:
Fahadh Faasil and Sajin Gopu lead an ensemble cast, with stellar performances from Mansoor Ali Khan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Hipzster, Mithun Jai Shankar, Roshan Shanavas, and Midhutty. With a script penned by Jithu Madhavan, the film boasts an impressive lineup of producers, including Nazriya Nazim and Anwar Rasheed.

The visual spectacle is crafted by cinematographer Sameer Thahir, while the soul-stirring music is composed by Sushin Shyam. Editing by Vivek Harshan ensures a seamless flow of the narrative, complemented by the striking production design of Ashwini Kale. Vishnu Govind’s audiography adds another layer of intensity to the film.

Behind the Scenes:
With Nazriya Nazim and Anwar Rasheed at the helm as producers, “Aavesham” has garnered attention not just for its star-studded cast but also for its meticulous behind-the-scenes team. AR Ansar as the executive producer, PK Sreekumar as the line producer, and Mohsin Khais as the project CEO, collectively contribute to the film’s grandeur.

The visual and aesthetic appeal of “Aavesham” is further enhanced by the costume designs of Mashar Hamsa, makeup by RG Wayanadan, and action sequences choreographed by Chethan D‘souza. Sandy takes charge of choreography, ensuring that the dance sequences are as captivating as the action scenes.

Technical Brilliance:
The film boasts top-notch technical elements, with Egg White handling VFX, Srik Varier as the colorist, and Poetic in charge of the DI. The first look and title design by Abhilash Chacko, along with the Thought Station team, contribute to the film’s visual identity. Rajeev Gopal and Agin Davis are credited for the title graphics, while Rohith K Suresh and Nidad KN capture stunning stills.

With “Aavesham,” Jithu Madhavan presents a cinematic treat that combines a compelling storyline, powerhouse performances, and technical brilliance. The collaboration of Fahadh Faasil and Sajin Gopu, along with the creative genius of the entire cast and crew, is set to create waves in the action genre.

As the anticipation builds for the April 11, 2024 release date, “Aavesham” promises to be a must-watch for cinephiles seeking a thrilling cinematic experience. A&A Release, along with their digital partner Avenirtek Digital Private Limited, is gearing up to bring this riveting action extravaganza to audiences, marking it as one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

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