Eternal Sunshine Album – Songs, Tracklist, Singer, Release Date, Cover, Video & Info

Ariana Grande’s “Eternal Sunshine” is gearing up to be a phenomenal musical experience, marking her seventh studio album set to release on March 8, 2024. The English-language pop extravaganza, with a runtime of 35 minutes and 26 seconds, was meticulously recorded between September and December 2023 and is presented under the Republic label.

The album showcases a powerhouse team of producers, including Ariana Grande herself, along with Max Martin, Ilya Salmanzadeh, Shintaro Yasuda, Nick Lee, Oscar Görres, and Davidior.

The tracklist is a diverse musical journey, offering a glimpse into Grande’s evolution as an artist. From the captivating “intro (end of the world)” to the emotionally charged “eternal sunshine,” each track presents a unique facet of Grande’s artistry.

Key tracks include the poignant “don’t wanna break up again,” delving into the intricacies of love, and the soulful “true story,” reflecting Grande’s authenticity as an artist. The lead single, “yes, and?,” released on January 1, 2024, has already generated significant buzz, setting the stage for a chart-topping album.

The inclusion of the interlude “Saturn Returns” adds an artistic and introspective touch to the album, providing listeners with a brief respite before plunging back into Grande’s musical universe.

Collaborating with Marjorie Grande on “ordinary things” adds a personal and familial dimension to the album, further showcasing the artist’s profound connection to her craft.

Anticipation and Creative Influence:
Marking Grande’s return to the music scene after her 2020 release, “Positions,” fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of her latest album.
The title “Eternal Sunshine” suggests a thematic exploration of hope, resilience, and conquering adversities.
Grande has openly shared that her portrayal of Glinda the Good Witch in the forthcoming “Wicked” movie has significantly shaped the album’s artistic direction.

“Eternal Sunshine” is poised to be a landmark in Ariana Grande’s illustrious career. With its release imminent on March 8, 2024, fans can anticipate a musical odyssey that transcends genres and leaves an enduring impact on the pop music scene. Prepare to be enchanted by the brilliance of “Eternal Sunshine.”

Track No.Song NameProduced byWritten by
1intro (end of the world)Ariana Grande, Shintaro YasudaAriana Grande, Aaron Cheong
2byeAriana Grande, Max MartinAriana Grande, Max Martin
3don’t wanna break up againAriana Grande, Max MartinAriana Grande, Max Martin
4Saturn Returns InterludeAriana Grande, Max MartinAriana Grande, Diana Garland
5eternal sunshineAriana Grande, Max MartinAriana Grande, Max Martin
6supernaturalAriana Grande, Max MartinAriana Grande, Max Martin
7true storyAriana Grande & Max MartinAriana Grande & Max Martin
8the boy is mineAriana Grande, Max MartinAriana Grande, Max Martin
9yes, and?Ariana Grande, Max MartinAriana Grande, Max Martin
10we can’t be friends (wait for your love)Ariana Grande, Max MartinAriana Grande, Max Martin
11i wish i hated youAriana Grande & ILYAAriana Grande & ILYA
12imperfect for youAriana Grande, Max MartinAriana Grande, Peter Kahm
13ordinary things (Ft. Marjorie Grande)Ariana Grande & Nick LeeAriana Grande, Luka Kloser
Eternal sunshine album
eternal sunshine album cover
eternal sunshine album