Kuthanthram Song – Cast, Movie, Singer, Music Director, Video, Choreographer & Info

In a musical extravaganza that echoes the vibrant spirit of Malayalam cinema, the song “Kuthanthram” from the movie Manjummel Boys takes center stage. With an impressive lineup of talent, this track promises to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of music enthusiasts.

Song NameKuthanthram
MovieManjummel Boys
Music ComposerSushin Shyam
CastVedan, Sushin Shyam
Release DateJan 26, 2024
Duration4:18 Min
Bass GuitarAswin Lal
Electric GuitarVarun Raj
Trumpet, Flugel HornRakesh MS
Saxophone, TromboneRahul Joshua Thomas
Piano / Brass ArrangedAllan Varghese
ChorusLibin Scariya, Milan Joy, Sangeeth Suresh
Additional Music ProductionNivin Raphael
Song MixedAbin Paul
Song MasteredDave Kutch
Sound RecordistsAmrith Raghunathan, Amal S.E, Sibin Wilson
StudiosVTP Studios, Music Lounge
DirectorDown Trodden
DOPSamuel Henry
Chief DOPAjay TA
Chief Associate DirectorKiran Chandrasekaran
Associate DirectorsSteve S Andrews, Shahid Shameem, Dancing Ninja
Assistant DirectorsMaahir, Abrar
EditorKarthik Sajeev
DIJoyner Thomas
VFXJithu Thomas, Akshay Kammattipadam, Rohit Anil, Adarsh S
ArtMeamen, Chrispin Chacko, Harikrishnan
Designing and StylingZesty
Styling AssistantsHiba Shana, Sabari
Camera AssistantYaseen, Beedi
MakeupSuresh Pisharody
Makeup AssistantIjaz
ActionSafeer Jaa
AssistantNibin Jos, Nedheesh
Assistant DIEldho M Reji
Stills and BTSEby Louis, Akhil Chandran, Yedukrishnan
Motion PosterTroublowski
Video Production HouseMixMo Studios In Association With Winter Chill Gang Production
Special ThanksVinayak Mohan, Vignesh Gurulal (Artist Management), Jenson TX
Director, WriterChidambaram
ProducersBabu Shahir, Soubin Shahir, Shawn Antony
BannerParava Films
Director of PhotographyShyju Khalidh
EditorVivek Harshan
Music ComposerSushin Shyam
Production DesignerAjayan Chalissery
Costume DesignerMashar Hamsa
MakeupRonex Xavier
Action DirectorVikram Dahiya
Sound DesignShijin Hutton, Abhishek Nair
Sound MixFazal A Backer, Shijin Hutton
Chief Associate DirectorBinu Balan
First Associate DirectorSK Sreerag
Production ControllerDeepak Parameswaran
Still PhotographerRohith K Suresh
Casting DirectorGanapathi
VFXEggwhite VFX
ColoristSrik Varier
Poster DesignYellowtooths
Audio LabelThink Music
Kuthanthram Song Details

A Fusion of Musical Brilliance:
The composition, spearheaded by the immensely talented Sushin Shyam, weaves a seamless tapestry of soundscapes. The infusion of rap by Vedan adds a contemporary twist, making “Kuthanthram” a genre-blending masterpiece. The dynamic rhythm, intricate basslines by Aswin Lal, and electrifying guitar performances by Varun Raj create an immersive sonic experience.

Orchestration and Arrangements:
The instrumental prowess showcased in the song is nothing short of extraordinary. Rakesh MS on trumpet and flugelhorn, Rahul Joshua Thomas on saxophone and trombone, and Allan Varghese on piano and brass arrangements contribute to the rich and diverse musical palette of the track. The collaboration of these musicians elevates “Kuthanthram” to new heights.

Vocals and Chorus:
The vocal performances in the song, led by Libin Scariya, Milan Joy, and Sangeeth Suresh, add depth and emotion. The chorus sections resonate with a harmonious blend of voices, enhancing the overall impact of the composition.

The cast of “Lal Salam” includes Superstar Rajinikanth, Vishnu Vishal, Vikranth, Senthil, Jeevitha, Thambi Ramaiah, Ananthika Sanilkumar, Vivek Prasanna, and Thangadurai. In “Manjummel Boys,” the cast features Vedan and Sushin Shyam.

Production Credits:
The meticulous production of “Kuthanthram” is evident in every note, with additional music production by Nivin Raphael. Abin Paul’s expert mixing and Dave Kutch’s mastering bring out the best in the track, ensuring a polished and professional sound.

Visual Symphony:
The music video, directed by Down Trodden and shot by DOP Samuel Henry, complements the song’s energy. The creative vision is further enhanced by the brilliant work of the chief DOP Ajay TA and associate directors Steve S Andrews, Shahid Shameem, and Dancing Ninja. The editing by Karthik Sajeev, DI by Joyner Thomas, and VFX by Jithu Thomas, akshay kammattipadam, Rohit Anil, and Adarsh S contribute to a visually stunning narrative.

Behind the Scenes Mastery:
The song’s success is not only attributed to its musical brilliance but also the collective efforts of an outstanding crew. From art direction by Meamen, Chrispin Chacko, and Harikrishnan to designing and styling by Zesty and assistants Hiba Shana and Sabari, every detail is meticulously crafted.

Film Credits:
Directed by Chidambaram, Manjummel Boys is backed by producers Babu Shahir, Soubin Shahir, and Shawn Antony under the banner of Parava Films. The film boasts a stellar cast, including director Soubin Shahir, and features the creative expertise of Shyju Khalidh (DOP), Vivek Harshan (Editor), Ajayan Chalissery (Production Designer), and Sushin Shyam (Music Composer).

“Kuthanthram” emerges not just as a song but as a cultural phenomenon, capturing the essence of Malayalam cinema’s musical evolution. With its captivating blend of rap, traditional instruments, and soulful vocals, the track sets a new benchmark in the Malayalam music industry. As it reverberates through the charts, it solidifies its place as a musical gem that transcends boundaries. The collaborative genius showcased in both the song and its accompanying visuals makes “Kuthanthram” a must-listen and a visual spectacle that demands applause.