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“Ramana Aei” unfolds as a musical marvel, blending Gotte Kanakavva’s melodious voice, Thaman S’s musical genius, and Gongura (T)’s poetic prowess. Featured in the blockbuster starring Superstar Mahesh Babu, Sreeleela, and Meenakshi Chaudhary, under the direction of Trivikram, this song adds a vibrant layer to the film’s soundtrack. With Manoj Paramahamsa’s cinematography and Navin Nooli’s editing, “Ramana Aei” promises a musical journey of unparalleled excellence.

“Ramana Aei” is a lively and spirited song celebrating the strength and unstoppable nature of the character Ramana. The energetic beats, catchy chants, and playful lyrics portray Ramana as a fearless warrior ready to face any challenge with resilience and determination. The song’s dynamic composition adds an exciting element to the film’s soundtrack.

Singer – Gotte Kanakavva:
Gotte Kanakavva’s soulful rendition breathes life into “Ramana Aei.” Her expressive vocals and emotive delivery add depth to Gongura (T)’s poignant lyrics, establishing Kanakavva as a prominent voice in the music industry.

Composer – Thaman S:
Thaman S’s musical brilliance takes center stage in this composition. Known for crafting unforgettable melodies, he delivers a harmonious backdrop through programming and arrangement, incorporating diverse instruments to create an immersive experience.

Lyricist – Gongura (T):
Gongura (T)’s evocative lyrics showcase a poetic finesse that complements the melody. Each word paints a vivid picture, adding layers of emotion and meaning to the song, playing a pivotal role in its overall impact.

Additional Contributors:
Trivikram’s artistic touch in Sarra Sarra Sulam lines and dialogues elevates the narrative. Collaborators Osho V Shashank and Hari contribute additional programming, while vocal supervision by Sri Krishna ensures a seamless delivery of the lyrics.

Instrumental Brilliance:
Featuring talents like Viji on trumpets and trombone (Chennai) and Lalit on Turkish flute (Hyderabad), “Ramana Aei” showcases an international flavor. The harmonies by Pratyusha, Vagdevi, Pranati, and Aiswarya enrich the musical tapestry.

Technical Expertise:
Recorded at Prasad Labs (Hyderabad) by Osho V, the song was mixed and mastered by Shadab Rayeen at Sound Roof Studios (Hyderabad), New Edge (Mumbai), and New Edge (UK). Pukhraj and Annoop provided valuable assistance during the process.

Cast and Crew:
The film, featuring Superstar Mahesh Babu, Sreeleela, and Meenakshi Chaudhary, is directed by Trivikram. Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa, editing by Navin Nooli, and art direction by A.S. Prakash contribute to the film’s visual appeal. S. Radha Krishna (Chinababu) produces, with Smt. Mamatha presenting the film under Haarika & Hassine Creations.

“Ramana Aei” stands as a testament to the collaborative brilliance of its cast and crew. With a captivating melody, poignant lyrics, and exceptional performances, the song promises to be a standout element in the film’s soundtrack. Released on January 16, 2024, “Ramana Aei” exemplifies the magic created when talent and creativity converge in perfect harmony. (SEO friendly tags: #RamanaAei #TrivikramFilm #ThamanS #Melody #SuperstarMaheshBabu #Sreeleela #MeenakshiChaudhary

Song Title“Ramana Aei”
SingerGotte Kanakavva
LyricistGongura (T)
ComposerThaman S
Additional ContributorsTrivikram, Osho V Shashank, Hari, Sri Krishna
InstrumentalistsViji (Chennai) – Trumpets & Trombone
Lalit (Hyderabad) – Turkish Flute
Vocal HarmonyPratyusha, Vagdevi, Pranati, Aiswarya
Recording StudioPrasad Labs (Hyderabad)
Mixing and Mastering StudiosSound Roof Studios (Hyderabad), New Edge (Mumbai), New Edge (UK)
Release DateJanuary 16, 2024
Film DirectorTrivikram
CinematographyManoj Paramahamsa
EditorNavin Nooli
Art DirectorA.S. Prakash
ProducerS. Radha Krishna (Chinababu)
PresenterSmt. Mamatha
Production BannerHaarika & Hassine Creations
Audio LabelAditya Music
Duration2 minutes and 41 seconds
Synopsis“Ramana Aei” celebrates the strength and resilience of the character Ramana, portrayed as a fearless warrior ready to face any challenge. The energetic beats and catchy chants enhance the dynamic nature of the song, adding excitement to the film’s soundtrack. With playful lyrics and a vibrant composition, the song contributes to the overall lively and spirited atmosphere of the movie.
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