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Review: “Blue Star” – A Realistic Cricket Drama with Local Flavors

“Blue Star” stands out as a sincere attempt at bringing the essence of cricket to the big screen, with director S. Jayakumar successfully crafting a realistic narrative. The film is a testament to his commitment to authenticity in portraying the world of cricket.


1. Realism and Authenticity: Kudos to the director for maintaining a high level of realism throughout the movie. From the cricket matches to the off-field drama, the film captures the nuances of the sport, making it relatable for both cricket enthusiasts and general audiences.

2. Music and Background Score: The music, especially the background score by Govind Vasantha, deserves special mention. It elevates the emotional quotient of many scenes, adding depth to the overall viewing experience. The soundtrack seamlessly integrates with the narrative, enhancing the impact of key moments.

3. Stellar Performances: Ashok Selvan delivers a brilliant performance, embodying the spirit of his character. Santhanu brings authenticity to his role, doing justice to the complexities of his character. Keerthi Pandian and Bukz shine in their respective roles, contributing to the overall ensemble.


1. Generic Second Half: One disappointment lies in the generic portrayal of the conflict between professional and local teams in the second half. The professionals are depicted as somewhat villainous, which deviates from the usual nuances of such conflicts. It’s a missed opportunity to delve into the systemic issues rather than demonizing the players.

2. Lengthy Second Half: While the first half maintains a good pace, the second half could have benefited from some trimming. The tug of war between professionals and the local team tends to drag at times, impacting the overall flow of the narrative.

Final Verdict: “Blue Star” emerges as a very good cricket drama, skillfully incorporating a local flavor that adds authenticity to the storytelling. The film is a commendable effort, with standout performances, engaging music, and a realistic portrayal of the world of cricket. Despite some shortcomings in the second half, the movie succeeds in delivering an immersive cinematic experience for both cricket enthusiasts and moviegoers seeking a compelling drama.

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