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Shehzada Movie Songs 2023

Shehzada Movie Songs 2023: is a highly anticipated Bollywood film set to release in February 2023. The soundtrack of the movie has received critical acclaim and has been well received by audiences. Here is a rundown of the songs from the movie. The music of this film has been composed by Pritam and starring by Kartik Aaryan & Kriti Sanon.

1.”Chedkhaniyaan” – This song is a lively and upbeat number that is a celebration of the film’s protagonist. The cheerful melody and upbeat lyrics are sure to put a smile on your face.


2. “Munda Sohna Hoon Main” – This song is a romantic ballad that showcases the love story of the lead characters. The soulful vocals and the melancholic melody are sure to touch your heart.

3. “Mere Sawal Ka” – This song is a beautiful ballad that showcases the deep feelings and emotions of the lead characters. The melodic tune and meaningful lyrics are sure to resonate with audiences.

In conclusion, the songs from the movie Shehzada are a testament to the film’s popularity and its ability to touch people’s hearts. Whether you are a fan of romantic ballads or lively and upbeat numbers, there is something for everyone on the soundtrack of this hit film.

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