Shayar Movie – Cast, Heroine, Crew, Ott, Collection, Release Date, Story & Info

Scheduled for release on April 19, 2024, "Shayar" is a highly anticipated Punjabi drama film that promises to take audiences on an emotional journey. Directed by Uday Pratap Singh and written by Jagdeep Singh Warring, the movie features a stellar cast including the talented Satinder Sartaj and the versatile Neeru Bajwa.


Plot Synopsis:
“Shayar” is categorized as a drama, suggesting a narrative that delves deep into the intricate layers of human emotions. With Satinder Sartaj and Neeru Bajwa in lead roles, viewers can expect a compelling and heartfelt storyline that explores the complexities of life and relationships.

“Shayar” means poet in Urdu and Persian, referring to someone skilled in the art of composing and expressing emotions through poetry.

Cast and Crew:
The film boasts an impressive lineup, with Satinder Sartaj not only starring in the lead role but also contributing to the music, lyrics, and composition. Neeru Bajwa, known for her exceptional acting prowess, adds depth to the cast. Directed by Uday Pratap Singh, the film has been written by Jagdeep Singh Warring. Santosh Subhash Thite takes on the role of producer, ensuring a high-quality cinematic experience.

Music and Lyrics:
Satinder Sartaj, a multifaceted artist, not only graces the screen but also lends his musical talents to the film. Serving as the singer, lyricist, and composer, Sartaj’s involvement ensures that the music of “Shayar” will be a standout feature. Qawali lyrics by Harinder Kour add a traditional and soulful touch to the film. With music by Beat Minister, GAG STUDIOZ, and Gurmeet Singh, the soundtrack is poised to be a melodic masterpiece.

Technical Excellence:
“Shayar” benefits from a talented crew, with Sandeep Patil as the Director of Photography, Bharat S Raawat as the Editor, and Raju Singh handling the Background Score. Parikshit Lalvani is the Sound Designer, ensuring an immersive auditory experience. Alok Halder oversees the art direction, and Arvind Thakur choreographs the dance sequences, promising a visually appealing film.

Release and Distribution:
The film is set to hit theaters worldwide on April 19, 2024. Distributed by OMJEE’S Cine World, the global audience eagerly awaits the opportunity to witness the emotional narrative unfold on the big screen.

Staying Updated:
With the release date nearing, fans can expect more details to emerge, including a trailer, official soundtrack release, and possibly sneak peeks into the storyline. Keep an eye out on entertainment news websites and social media for the latest updates on “Shayar.”

“Shayar” is not just a film; it’s a captivating journey that promises to resonate with audiences on a profound level. With a compelling plot, stellar performances, and a soul-stirring soundtrack, the movie is poised to make a mark in Punjabi cinema. As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for an experience that combines the richness of storytelling with the artistic brilliance of its cast and crew. “Shayar” is set to be a cinematic masterpiece that leaves a lasting impact on the hearts of its viewers.

Shayar Movie Information:
Movie: Shayar
Genre(s): Drama , Romance
Language(s): Punjabi
Budget: Yet to be announced
Box Office Collection: Yet to be announced
Cast(s): Neeru Bajwa , Satinder Sartaj
Director(s): Uday Pratap Singh
Writer(s): Jagdeep Singh Warring
Producer(s): Santosh Subhash Thite
Musician(s): Beat Minister , GAG STUDIOZ , Gurmeet Singh
Production Companies): Speed Records
Release Date: 19/04/2024
Shayar Movie - Cast, Heroine, Crew, Ott, Collection, Release Date, Story & Info

Shayar Movie Review:

If you’re a fan of Punjabi cinema, soulful music, or both, “Shayar” is definitely a movie to mark on your calendars. The upcoming release promises a powerful performance by Satinder Sartaaj and a captivating story by director Uday Pratap Singh.

Shayar Official Trailer

Shayar Other Details

Movie Details
Movie Name Shayar
Heroine Neeru Bajwa
Composer Satinder Sartaaj
Co-Producer Upkar Singh
Director of Photography (DOP) Sandeep Patil
Editor Bharat S Raawat
Associate Director Varinder Sharma
Background Score Raju Singh
Sound Designer Parikshit Lalvani
DI Colorist Robert Lang (After Studios)
Costumes Nitasha Bhateja
Art Alok Halder
VFX Shudhanshu Jaiswal
Line Production Mandeep Taunque Films
Post Production Varun Bansal (Final Step)
Publicity Design Bir Singh
Visual Promotion Move-e-wale
Poster Stills K Raj Famous Films
Worldwide Distribution By OMJEE’S Cine World
Year 2024

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