Love Me Movie – Heroine, Cast, Crew, Ott, Release Date, Story & Info

"Love Me," also known as "Love Me - If You Dare," is an upcoming Telugu romantic drama film is set to grace the screens in 2024, promising an intriguing mix of horror, romance, and drama. Produced under the banner of Dil Raju Productions and presented by Shirish, this cinematic venture brings together a talented cast and crew to create a captivating storytelling experience.


Plot Synopsis:
While maintaining an air of mystery, “Love Me” is poised to deliver a unique narrative that revolves around love and challenge. The official teaser hints at a passionate romance between the lead characters, played by Ashish and Vaishnavi Chaitanya. With elements of horror and drama interwoven, the film promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Cast and Crew:
The film stars Ashish and Vaishnavi Chaitanya in lead roles, promising a dynamic on-screen chemistry. Under the guidance of director Arun Bhimavarapu, the cinematography is handled by the renowned PC Sreeram, known for his visually stunning work. The music for “Love Me” is composed by the legendary M M Keeravaani, adding a melodic touch to the narrative. Avinash Kolla takes on the role of the Art Director, contributing to the film’s visual appeal.

Production Details:
The film is backed by the reputable Dil Raju Productions, known for delivering successful and diverse cinematic experiences. Presented by Shirish, “Love Me” is produced by Harshith Reddy, Hanshitha Reddy, and Naga Mallidi, showcasing a strong production team dedicated to bringing this captivating tale to life.

Technical Brilliance:
The cinematography by PC Sreeram, a master of visual storytelling, is expected to elevate the film’s aesthetic appeal. The music, composed by M M Keeravaani, adds another layer to the cinematic experience, promising a soulful and immersive soundtrack.

Release and Distribution:
As of now, details regarding the film’s budget, box office collection, and distribution channels remain undisclosed. The film is yet to announce its release on Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further updates on when and where they can experience “Love Me.”

“Love Me” appears to be a promising addition to the Telugu film industry, offering a compelling blend of genres and a talented ensemble cast and crew. As anticipation builds, audiences can look forward to an emotional rollercoaster that explores the complexities of love and challenge. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the film’s release and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of “Love Me” in 2024.

Love Me Movie Information:
Movie: Love Me
Genre(s): Drama , Horror , Romance
Language(s): Telugu
Budget: Yet to be announced
Box Office Collection: Yet to be released
Cast(s): Ashish , Vaishnavi Chaitanya
Director(s): Arun Bhimavarapu
Writer(s): Arun Bhimavarapu
Producer(s): Hanshitha Reddy , Harshith Reddy , Naga Mallidi
Musician(s): MM Keeravaani
Production Companies): Dil Raju Production
Love Me Movie - Heroine, Cast, Crew, Ott, Release Date, Story & Info

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Love Me Other Details

Movie Details
Movie Name Love Me
Heroine Vaishnavi Chaitanya
Presented By Shirish
Cinematography PC Sreeram
DOP PC Sreeram
Art Director Avinash Kolla
Year 2024
OTT Platform Yet to be announced
OTT Release Yet to be announced