Katchi Sera Song – Cast, Singer, Meaning, Choreographer, Video & Info

“Katchi Sera” is a captivating Tamil song that unfolds a musical tale crafted by the talented Sai Abhyankkar. With a duration of 3 minutes and 4 seconds, this song promises a delightful experience for music enthusiasts. Released on January 22, 2024, it features a stellar cast including Samyuktha Viswanathan and Sai Abhyankkar.

Song NameKatchi Sera
Composed & Performed bySai Abhyankkar
CastSamyuktha Viswanathan & Sai Abhyankkar
Music Produced bySai Abhyankkar
Lyrics byAdesh Krishna
Additional Vocals bySai Smriti
Duration3:04 Min
Release DateJan 22, 2024
Music Programmed & Arranged bySai Abhyankkar
Keys, Synths, Vocoder, Bass bySai Abhyankkar
Electric Guitar byRobin Sebastian
Rhythm Programmed bySai Abhyankkar
Nadhaswaram byParthiban
Acoustic GuitarSai Abhyankkar
DIY Duduk, Bawu byAshish
Live Percussions byYanka Rhythm Group
Mixed bySai Abhyankkar at YOLO Records
Mastered byRupendhar Venkatesh
DirectorKen Royson
CinematographerAJ Tippu
EditorKen Royson
VFXShiva Sundar
Colour GradingRakesh
ActressSamyuktha Viswanathan
Executive ProducerVidya Venugopal
DOP AssistantsMurali, Veera, Kishor
Assistant DirectorDhavalya Sagar
Art DirectorAswin Lara
ChoreographerAnusha Viswanathan
Assistant ChoreographerShakthivel
DancersYahvi, Meenkashi, Devika, Deepikka
StylistSai Sruthi
Stylist AssistantJanani
Makeup and Hair StylistMadhumitha R
Makeup AssistantVasundara B
Logo DesignerVarshan Shree
Poster DesignerViyaki
BTS and Poster PhotographerPrashun Prashanth Sridhar
Jewelry SponsorsPrade Jewels, No Na Mé, Ekaha Agency
DesignersAasa by Simran, Soul Spectrum, Veer & Shad, Kiran Valentine
Audio LabelThink Music
A&R TeamMagesh Rajendran, Sivag & Sai Prabha
Creative Team (Marketing & Promotion strategy)Rakshitha Vootukuri, Vijay M Raghavan
Social Media TeamSangeetha Rajendran, Manibharathi Selvaraj, Nandha Krishnan, Varsha Kumar, Arun John, Vimal, Karthikeyan, Yasir, Gurubaran Mano
Operations TeamPrem Kumar, AN Mani, Akash, Prabhu, Senthil
Finance TeamVinoth Kumar, Sathya
Katchi Sera Song Info

“Katchi Sera” in Tamil translates to “Hold and release” in English. The phrase is often used in various contexts to convey the idea of grabbing or holding onto something and then letting it go or releasing it. In the context of a song or creative work, the meaning may take on a metaphorical or symbolic significance, aligning with the themes explored in the lyrics or storyline.

“Katchi Sera” stars the dynamic duo Samyuktha Viswanathan and Sai Abhyankkar, whose on-screen synergy enhances the visual narrative, adding depth to the overall musical experience.

Musical Credits:
“Katchi Sera” musical credits are a symphony led by Sai Abhyankkar, encompassing versatile composition, vocals, and production. Adesh Krishna’s lyrics, Sai Smriti’s vocals, and a diverse array of instruments, including guitars and nadhaswaram, enrich the sonic tapestry. Mixed at YOLO Records by Abhyankkar and mastered by Rupendhar Venkatesh, the song is a harmonious collaboration of musical talents.

Behind the Scenes:
“Katchi Sera” Behind the Scenes: Executive Producer Vidya Venugopal, a skilled team including DOP Assistants, Cinematographer AJ Tippu, and Art Director Aswin Lara bring the magic to life. Editor Ken Royson, VFX by Shiva Sundar, and Color Grading by Rakesh complete the enchanting journey of creating this musical spectacle.

Dance Extravaganza:
“Katchi Sera” boasts a dazzling Dance Extravaganza, choreographed by Anusha Viswanathan and styled by Sai Sruthi. Featuring talented dancers Yahvi, Meenkashi, Devika, and Deepikka, their captivating moves harmonize with the song’s energy. Fashion by Aasa by Simran, Soul Spectrum, Veer & Shad, and Kiran Valentine elevates the visual spectacle, making the dance a vibrant and integral part of the musical narrative.

Fashion and Accessories:
Elegance meets innovation in the fashion and accessories realm of “Katchi Sera.” Collaborating with renowned sponsors such as Prade Jewels, No Na Mé, and Ekaha Agency, the song boasts a stylish edge. Designers Aasa by Simran, Soul Spectrum, Veer & Shad, and Kiran Valentine contribute to the visual narrative, crafting a fashion statement that complements the song’s vibrant energy. From intricate jewelry to avant-garde attire, the fashion and accessories in “Katchi Sera” transcend conventional norms, reflecting a harmonious blend of creativity and style that resonates with the song’s dynamic spirit.

Think Music Team:
The Think Music Team is the powerhouse behind “Katchi Sera,” combining A&R expertise led by Magesh Rajendran, Sivag, and Sai Prabha. Crafty marketing by Rakshitha Vootukuri and Vijay M Raghavan, along with a social media dream team, ensures the song’s widespread impact. Operations and finance excellence, spearheaded by a dedicated ensemble, solidify Think Music’s pivotal role in driving the success of Katchi Sera.

“Katchi Sera” is not just a song; it’s a collaborative masterpiece that brings together talent from various domains to create a musical and visual spectacle. With its energetic beats, soulful lyrics, and captivating visuals, the song promises to be a chart-topper, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.