Street Dreams Album – Divine, Karan Aujla

Street Dreams Album - Divine, Karan Aujla

In the ever-evolving realm of Indian rap, two titans, DIVINE and Karan Aujla, have joined forces to create the extraordinary album “Street Dreams.” Unveiled on February 16, 2024, this musical collaboration not only showcases the lyrical genius of the two artists but also explores a plethora of themes that have been instrumental in shaping their respective journeys.

Album Details
Album NameStreet Dreams
Total Songs7
GenreHIP-HOP, Rap
LanguagePunjabi, Hindi
Release Date16 February 2024
ArtistsKaran Aujla, Divine
Featuring ArtistJonita Gandhi
MusicUmair, Yeah Proof, Boi-1da, Astriptus, Stunnah Beatz, Harry Fraud
Song NamesNothing Lasts, Top Class/Overseas, Straight Ballin’, Yaad, Tareefan, Hisaab, 100 Million
Album Length24 minutes
Distributed byMass Appeal India
Marketed byMass Appeal India
ProducersKaran Aujla, Divine, Sandeep Rehaan
Production CompanyRehaan Records, Gully Gang
Photography ByMikael Lakshik Perera
Engineered ByConnor Salmoral, Frank Scocorro, Hanish Taneja, Milano, Rahul Shahani, Yeah Proof
Art DirectionSasta Acid
Country of OriginIndia
Album Info

Themes and Styles:
Breaking through language barriers, “Street Dreams” seamlessly blends Punjabi and Hindi, catering to a diverse audience. The album’s themes range from introspective musings on the fleeting nature of life to celebratory anthems marking success, all the way to the complexities of love. DIVINE and Karan Aujla not only exhibit their lyrical prowess but also experiment with diverse musical styles, creating an intricate tapestry of sounds that captivates listeners across the entire 24-minute journey.

Album Overview:
“Street Dreams” is a compact yet impactful album comprising seven tracks that traverse a wide spectrum of themes and musical styles. From contemplative reflections in songs like “Nothing Lasts” and “Hisaab” to the high-energy party anthems of “Top Class/Overseas” and “Straight Ballin’,” the album effortlessly transitions between different moods. It also delves into the realm of romance with emotionally resonant tracks like “Yaad” and “Tareefan.” Demonstrating unparalleled versatility, DIVINE and Karan Aujla stand together, redefining the boundaries of artistic expression.

Artists and Collaborators:
The album features the dynamic duo of Karan Aujla and DIVINE, with a special appearance by the exceptionally talented Jonita Gandhi. Behind the scenes, the musical magic is crafted by Umair, Yeah Proof, Boi-1da, Astriptus, Stunnah Beatz, and Harry Fraud. Beyond the artists, a team of skilled engineers, including Connor Salmoral, Frank Scocorro, Hanish Taneja, Milano, Rahul Shahani, and Yeah Proof, contribute to the sonic excellence of the album. Mass Appeal India takes charge of both distribution and marketing, solidifying the impact of “Street Dreams” on the Indian rap scene.

Production and Collaborative Efforts:
Produced by Karan Aujla, DIVINE, and Sandeep Rehaan, “Street Dreams” exemplifies the artistic synergy between the two main collaborators. The album is brought to life under the banners of Rehaan Records and Gully Gang, signifying a collective effort that goes beyond individual achievements. Mikael Lakshik Perera’s photography adds a visual dimension to the auditory experience, capturing the essence of the artists’ remarkable journeys.

“Street Dreams” transcends the conventional definition of an album; it is a testament to the metamorphosis of Indian rap and the artistic brilliance of DIVINE and Karan Aujla. With its diverse themes, linguistic fusion, and impactful collaborations, the album stands as a milestone in the genre. As these artists continue to shatter boundaries and reshape the musical landscape, “Street Dreams” is destined to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of rap enthusiasts globally.

Song NameSingersMusiciansLyricistsDuration
Nothing LastsKaran Aujla, DivineYeah ProofKaran Aujla, Divine2:56 Sec
Top Class/OverseasKaran Aujla, DivineUmair, Harry FraudKaran Aujla, Divine4:48 Sec
Straight BallinKaran Aujla, DivineYeah ProofKaran Aujla, Divine3:31 Sec
YaadKaran Aujla, Divine, Jonita GandhiStunnah Beatz, P.R Beats, AstriptusKaran Aujla, Divine3:12 Sec
TareefanKaran Aujla, DivineBoi-1daKaran Aujla, Divine2:54 Sec
HisaabKaran Aujla, DivineUmairKaran Aujla, Divine3:26 Sec
100 MillionKaran Aujla, DivineTrox, SamareiKaran Aujla, Divine3:12 Sec
Street Dreams Album Songs Details

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