AP Dhillon And Shinda Kahlon’s New Song ‘True Stories’ Released Now

AP Dhillon And Shinda Kahlon's New Song 'True Stories' Released Now

In a groundbreaking collaboration, renowned music label RUN-UP RECORDS and MASS APPEAL INDIA join forces with Monolithic Films and Hart to present the highly anticipated music video for the song True Stories. Directed by the talented filmmaker Dave Laven, the video features prominent artists AP Dhillon and Shinda Kahlon, accompanied by the captivating music created by Gore Ocean. While True Stories Song Lyrics are written by Shinda Kahlon.

True Stories showcases an enthralling fusion of music and visuals, exploring the artists’ unique storytelling abilities. The video’s aesthetic appeal is elevated by the creative team, including stylist Marquise Miller and Aaron Christmon, who meticulously curated the artists’ looks. DK Laven takes on the role of editor, ensuring a seamless flow of visuals throughout the video.

Meticulously designed by production designer Matt Sokoler, the set creates a visually striking backdrop that enhances the storytelling experience. The stunning cinematography, handled by Mack Fisher, adds depth and richness to the narrative. Justin Conte’s choreography direction brings vibrant energy to the video, amplifying the emotional connection with the audience.

Leading the creative vision is Lauren Levinger as the Creative Director, infusing the project with her unique perspective. Graphic designer Quique Cabanillas contributes with his artistic prowess, delivering visually captivating elements that enhance the overall visual experience. Perry Kroll’s exceptional VFX work adds a touch of magic to the video, elevating its impact.

The video’s color grading, masterfully executed by Taylor Black, enhances the mood and atmosphere, adding a layer of depth to the storytelling. Serving as executive producers, Peter Bittenbender, Kareem Johnson, Nicole O’Connell, and Kevin Buttar contribute their expertise to ensure the success of the project.

With the combined efforts of these talented individuals and production teams, the music video for True Stories promises to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Fans of AP Dhillon, Shinda Kahlon, and music enthusiasts alike can look forward to an immersive audiovisual experience that pushes boundaries and sets new standards in the industry.

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