Trending Songs On Instagram Reels Today

Instagram Reels, introduced during the lockdown in 2020, has transformed the way we consume and share music. This platform not only serves as an outlet for mindless scrolling but has also become a hotspot for rediscovering hidden musical gems. Songs that once went unnoticed are now finding fame and going viral on the internet, years after their initial release. The power of social media has given these tracks a new lease on life. As we approach World Music Day 2023, let’s delve into the top 10 trending songs on Instagram Reels, making waves among netizens and music enthusiasts alike.

  1. Cheques – Shubh • 962K reels:
    Cheques by Shubh takes the top spot with a staggering 962K reels. This catchy track has resonated with users who love to add some fun and groove to their Reels videos.
  2. Janive (from the Netflix Film Chor Nikal) – Vishal Mishra • 711K reels:
    Vishal Mishra’s soulful rendition in Janive struck a chord with Reels users, leading to an impressive 711K reels. This emotionally-charged track captures the essence of love and longing.
  3. Lamhey – Anubha Bajai • 480K reels:
    With 480K reels, Lamhey by Anubha Bajai is a serene melody that evokes nostalgia and tugs at the heartstrings of listeners. It has become a favorite for creators seeking a touch of tranquility in their Reels.
  4. Jannatein Kahan – Pritam, KK • 605K reels:
    The mesmerizing collaboration of Pritam and KK in Jannatein Kahan amassed 605K reels. This soulful song showcases the power of love and its enduring presence in our lives.
  5. Kiska Rasta Dekhe – Kishore Kumar • 70.3K reels:
    Kishore Kumar’s timeless voice in Kiska Rasta Dekhe touched the hearts of many, earning 70.3K reels. This classic track adds a touch of nostalgia to Reels videos.
  6. 9 45 (Slowed And Reverb) – Akash Khaira • 8,083 reels:
    9 45 (Slowed And Reverb) by Akash Khaira made waves with 8,083 reels. Its slowed and reverb version serves as an enchanting background for various creative Reels.
  7. Still Rollin – Shubh • 1M reels:
    Shubh’s energetic Still Rollin rocked Instagram with an impressive 1M reels. This song became the go-to track for creators aiming to add excitement and enthusiasm to their Reels.
  8. Ye Tasveer Hai Khwabon Ke Rangon Ki ~ Amit Trivedi • 5,395 reels:
    Amit Trivedi’s enchanting composition Ye Tasveer Hai Khwabon Ke Rangon Ki enchanted 5,395 reels. Its poetic charm and vivid imagery made it a hit among Reels users.
  9. Beautiful – Amit Trivedi • 3.7M reels:
    Beautiful by Amit Trivedi gained immense popularity with a staggering 3.7M reels. Its uplifting message struck a chord with users, inspiring them to create motivational Reels.
  10. Manzar Hai Ye Naya (feat. Shantanu Suda.) – Shashwat Sachdev • 114K reels:
    Shashwat Sachdev’s soul-stirring composition Manzar Hai Ye Naya garnered 114K reels. This emotive track found a new audience on Instagram Reels, touching the hearts of many.

Instagram Reels has proven to be a game-changer for the music industry, giving a second chance to songs that might have gone unnoticed. These top 10 trending songs on Instagram Reels showcase the power of social media in propelling music to new heights of popularity. As we celebrate World Music Day 2023, let’s continue to explore and appreciate the diverse musical landscape that Instagram Reels has to offer.

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