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In the bustling world of Indian cinema, where drama and romance often take center stage, comes a refreshing new offering - "The Family Star." Directed by Parasuram and produced by a consortium including Dil Raju, Shirish, Sri Hansitha Reddy, and Vasu Varma under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Creations, this film promises to tug at the heartstrings of audiences across Telugu and Tamil-speaking regions.


Set against the backdrop of family values and relationships, “The Family Star” delves into the intricacies of love and emotions within a familial context. As the story unfolds, audiences are taken on a journey filled with heartwarming moments, challenges, and ultimately, the triumph of love over obstacles.

Headlining the cast are acclaimed actors Vijay Deverakonda and Mrunal Thakur, whose on-screen chemistry is sure to captivate audiences. Supporting them are Divyansha Kaushik, Ajay Ghosh, and Abigayle Scobee, who bring depth and authenticity to their respective roles.

Direction and Writing:
Under the deft direction of Parasuram, known for his ability to blend emotion with entertainment, “The Family Star” promises to strike a chord with audiences of all ages. The screenplay, crafted by Parasuram and Vasu Varma, is expected to offer a perfect balance of drama, romance, and familial bonds, making for a compelling cinematic experience.

Production and Technical Details:
With K.U. Mohanan behind the camera as the Director of Photography, viewers can expect stunning visuals that bring the story to life. Marthand K. Venkatesh’s editing prowess is set to enhance the narrative flow, while Gopi Sundar’s soulful music adds depth to the emotions portrayed on screen. A.S. Prakash’s art direction ensures authenticity in depicting the film’s settings, further immersing audiences in the world of “The Family Star.”

Release and Expectations:
Scheduled for theatrical release on April 5th, 2024, “The Family Star” arrives at a time when audiences crave stories that resonate with the essence of family and relationships. While the box office collection and OTT platform for digital release are yet to be announced, anticipation is high for this heartwarming tale to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

More Details
Movie Title The Family Star
Year 2024
Heroine Mrunal Thakur
Director of Photography (DOP) K.U. Mohanan
Art Director A.S. Prakash
Editor Marthand K Venkatesh
Creative Producer Vasu Varma
Cinematography by K.U. Mohanan
Editing by Marthand K. Venkatesh
Casting By Vishal Saroye, Rakesh Shah
Production Design by A.S. Prakash
Art Direction Team Sandra Bacmeister, A.S. Prakash
Production Management Team Usama Chauhan, Nomaan Chohan, Michele Frantzeskos
Assistant Director Ashok Bezawada
Stunts Team Duy Beck, Riccardo Cabalisti
Camera and Electrical Department Jose del Carmen Martinez
Casting Department Team Tiffany M. Johnson, Amy Novondo
Location Management Team Titu Chouhan, Anthony Flynn
Duration Yet to be announced
Box Office Collection Yet to be released
OTT Platform Yet to be announced
OTT Release Date Yet to be announced

As the release date draws near, cinephiles eagerly await the opportunity to witness the magic of “The Family Star” unfold on the big screen. With its stellar cast, captivating storyline, and talented crew, this film is poised to shine brightly in the constellation of Indian cinema, earning its place as a beloved family favorite for years to come.

The Family Star Movie Information:
Movie: The Family Star
Genre(s): Drama , Family , Romance
Language(s): Tamil , Telugu
Budget: Yet to be announce
Box Office Collection: Yet to be released
Cast(s): Abigayle Scobee , Ajay Ghosh , Divyansha Kaushik , Mrunal Thakur , Vijay Deverakonda
Director(s): Parasuram Petla
Writer(s): Parasuram Petla , Vasu Varma
Producer(s): Raju-Shirish , Sri Hansitha Reddy , Vasu Varma
Musician(s): Gopi Sundar
Production Companies): Sri Venkateswara Creations , T-Series
Release Date: 05/04/2024
The Family Star Movie - Heroine, Cast, Crew, Collection, Ott, Release Date & Info

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