Maidaan Movie – Heroine, Cast, Crew, Collection, Ott, Release Date & Info

The highly anticipated film "Maidaan," starring Ajay Devgn, is gearing up for its release on April 10th, 2024. This biographical sports drama chronicles the life and legacy of legendary Indian football coach Syed Abdul Rahim, who played a pivotal role in shaping the Indian national football team during the 1950s and 1960s.


Plot and Genre:
The film belongs to the biopic, drama, and history genres, delving into the untold story of Indian football’s pinnacle during the mentioned era. This ambitious project aims to celebrate the achievements, challenges, and triumphs of the nation’s football team, capturing the spirit of the players who brought pride to the country.

Star-Studded Cast:
Ajay Devgn leads the cast, bringing his seasoned acting prowess to the character, supported by Priyamani and Gajraj Rao. Their performances are expected to breathe life into the narrative, providing an emotional and authentic portrayal of the historical events.

Behind the Scenes:
Amit Ravindernath Sharma takes the helm as the director, steering the ship with finesse. The film is produced by Zee Studios, Boney Kapoor, Arunava Joy Sengupta, and Akash Chawla. The collaboration ensures a blend of experience and fresh perspectives in delivering a cinematic masterpiece.

Musical Genius of A.R. Rahman:
With original songs and background score by the legendary A.R. Rahman, “Maidaan” is set to mesmerize audiences with its soul-stirring music. The lyrics, penned by Manoj Muntashir Shukla, promise to add depth and emotion to the narrative.

Technical Brilliance:
The movie boasts a stellar technical team, with Tushar Kanti Ray as the Director of Photography and Fyodor Lyass handling the sports sequences. The editing prowess of Dev Rao Jadhav and Shahnawaz Mosani ensures a seamless flow of the narrative.

Production and Design Excellence:
The production design by Khyatee Mohan Kanchan, costumes by Kirti Kolwankar & Maria Tharakan, and makeup & hair design by Shalini Sharma Chakravarty showcase meticulous attention to detail. The film’s visual appeal is further enhanced by the VFX team at Redefine and the colorist Andreas Bruckl.

Release Details:
“Maidaan” is scheduled for theatrical release on April 10, 2024. The film’s duration is approximately 2 hours and 3 minutes, promising an immersive experience for the audience.

Budget and Box Office Expectations:
With a budget of approximately ₹60 Crore, “Maidaan” aims to make a mark at the box office, capturing the hearts of football enthusiasts and cinephiles alike. The box office collection is yet to be released, generating anticipation among fans.

Beyond the Game:

While “Maidaan” celebrates the spirit of sportsmanship and the pursuit of excellence, it also transcends the boundaries of the football field. The film is expected to explore themes of nationalism, unity, and overcoming adversity. Set against the backdrop of a crucial period in Indian history, the narrative is likely to resonate with audiences seeking a deeper connection with the past.

Future Platforms:
While the theatrical release is eagerly awaited, details about the film’s presence on OTT platforms remain undisclosed. The post-release availability on digital platforms is anticipated to extend the reach of this cinematic spectacle.

“Maidaan” not only celebrates the golden era of Indian football but also stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in cinema. With a stellar cast, a dynamic creative team, and a compelling narrative, the film is poised to leave an indelible mark on the audience, showcasing the resilience, passion, and triumphs of a bygone era in Indian sports history. As the release date approaches, anticipation is high for “Maidaan” to score big on both the cinematic and emotional fronts.

Maidaan Movie Information:
Movie: Maidaan
Genre(s): Biopic , Drama , History
Language(s): Hindi
Budget: Approx. ₹60 Crore
Box Office Collection: Yet to be announced
Cast(s): Ajay Devgn , Gajraj Rao , Priyamani
Director(s): Amit Sharma
Writer(s): Akash Chawla , Arunava Joy Sengupta , Saiwyn Quadras
Producer(s): Akash Chawla , Arunava Joy Sengupta , Boney Kapoor
Musician(s): A R Rahman
Production Companies): Saregama , Zee Studios
Release Date: 10/04/2024
Maidaan Movie - Heroine, Cast, Crew, Collection, Ott, Release Date & Info

Maidaan Movie Review:

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Maidaan Other Details

Movie Details
Movie Name MAIDAAN
Dubbed in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu
Heroine Priyamani
Lyrics Manoj Muntashir Shukla
DOP Tushar Kanti Ray, ISC
DOP (Sports) Fyodor Lyass
Additional Screenplay Aman Rai, Atul Shahi, Amit Ravindernath Sharma
Dialogues Ritesh Shah
Additional Dialogues Siddhant Mago
Editor Dev Rao Jadhav
Editor (Sports) Shahnawaz Mosani
C.F.O & GM (Bayview Projects) Rajiv Arora
C.O.O (Bayview Projects) Punkej Kharbanda
Head of Production Rishikesh Laxmikant
Executive Producer Tarun Bali
Associate Director Aman Rai
Chief Asst. Director Atul Shahi
Director’s Asst. & Post Production Supervisor Vignesh Shivasubramaniam
Makeup & Hair Design Shalini Sharma Chakravarty
Mixing Engineer Leslie Fernandes
Sound Design Nihar Ranjan Samal
Costume Design Kirti Kolwankar & Maria Tharakan
Publicity Design Rahul & Himanshu Nanda
Production Design Khyatee Mohan Kanchan
Casting Director Vaibhav Vishant (Anti-Casting)
Sports Consultant Dinesh Nair
Duration 2hr 3min
VFX Redefine
VFX Supervisor (Bayview Projects) Yunus Bukhari
VFX Supervisor (Redefine) Somesh Ghosh
DI Colorist Andreas Bruckl
DI Prime Focus Ltd.
Visual Promotion White Turtle Studios (A Trailer Park Group Company)
Music Company Saregama India Ltd.
Post Production The Post Co.
OTT Platform Yet to be announced
OTT Release Yet to be announced

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