Bootcut Balaraju Movie – Heroine, Cast, Crew, Collection, Ott, Release Date & Info

"Bootcut Balaraju," a 2024 Telugu comedy-romance film directed by Sree Koneti, brings laughter to the audience with its witty humor, stellar performances, and an engaging storyline. Released on February 2, 2024, the film has already earned acclaim for its pure comedy gold, leaving the audience smiling long after the curtains close.


Set in the town of Sri Rangapuram, the film follows the carefree and roguish Balaraju, portrayed by Syed Sohel Ryan. Balaraju must undergo a transformation of his mischievous ways to win the love of Mahalakshmi, played by Meghalekha. However, their love faces opposition from the matriarch Indravathi Patel, adding a societal twist to the romantic comedy. The central question revolves around whether Balaraju’s victory can overturn societal norms and pave the way for their marriage.

Bootcut Balaraju has received glowing reviews for its comedic brilliance, clever writing, and perfect timing. The movie is hailed as a must-see, offering a feel-good experience that leaves the audience smiling long after the credits roll. Emphasizing the strong casting and direction, there’s a special mention for the outstanding musical score that adds an extra layer of charm to the film.

Cast and Crew:
The film boasts a talented cast, including Syed Sohel Ryan, Meghalekha, Sunil, Siri Hanmanth, Indraja, Avinash, Saddam, and ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’ Vivek. Directed by Sree Koneti, the movie is visually brought to life by DOP Shyam K Naidu, with Bheems Ceciroleo providing a lively musical score. The film’s witty dialogues are credited to Dubasi Rakesh and ‘Jabardasth’ Ramprasad.

Technical Aspects:
The cinematography by Shyam K Naidu captures the vibrant essence of Sri Rangapuram, while the editing by Vijay Vardhan ensures a smooth and entertaining flow. The art direction by Vithal Kosanam adds to the film’s overall charm, creating a visually appealing setting for the comedic tale.

Music and Soundtrack:
The musical brilliance of Bheems Ceciroleo shines through in the film’s soundtrack, featuring catchy tunes like “Raju Naa Balaraju,” “Thagudhaam thaaggi ugudhaam,” “Ringu Ringu Billa,” “Malli malli,” and “Chinni Chinni.” The music contributes to the film’s overall appeal, enhancing the comedic experience.

Production and Release:
Produced by Md. Pasha under the banners of Global Films & Katha Veruntadhi, “Bootcut Balaraju” is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the entire team. The film’s release on February 2, 2024, marks a significant contribution to Telugu cinema’s comedy genre.

Budget & Box Office Collection: Bootcut Balaraju was produced with a budget of ₹4.00 crores, showcasing a commendable blend of creativity and cost-effectiveness. The box office collection is yet to be announced, but the film is expected to make a mark. The OTT platform release date is eagerly awaited by fans.

Movie More Details
Title Bootcut Balaraju
Year 2024
Heroine Megha Lekha
Age Rating U/A 18+
Banners Global Films & Katha Veruntadhi
Co-Producer Pandu, Mamidishetty Srinivas
DOP Shyam K Naidu
Editor Vijay Vardhan
Art Director Vithal Kosanam
Executive Producer Manikumar Patrudu
Story Lucky Media Unit
Dialogues Dubasi Rakesh, ‘Jabardasth’ Ramprasad
Action Wing Chun Anji
PRO Vamsi-Shekar
Marketing Ticket Factory
Music Label Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.
Duration 2h 24min
Box Office Collection Yet to be announced
OTT Platform Yet to be announced
OTT Release Date Yet to be announced
Soundtrack Raju Naa Balaraju, Thagudhaam thaaggi ugudhaam, Ringu Ringu Billa, Malli malli, Chinni Chinni

“Bootcut Balaraju” emerges as a feel-good comedy that stands out in the realm of recent Telugu films. The perfect blend of a captivating plot, stellar performances, and a lively soundtrack makes it a must-see for audiences seeking a night of laughter and entertainment. The film’s success, especially in the wake of “#jaaathirathnalu,” cements its position as one of the best humor movies in recent times. With its engaging storyline and memorable characters, “Bootcut Balaraju” is a delightful addition to the world of Telugu cinema.

Bootcut Balaraju Movie Information:
Movie: Bootcut Balaraju
Genre(s): Comedy , Romance
Language(s): Telugu
Budget: Approx. 4 Crore
Cast(s): Avinash , Indraja , Megha Lekha , Saddam , Siri Hanmanth , Sunil , Syed Sohel Ryan
Director(s): Sree Koneti
Writer(s): Sree Koneti
Producer(s): Md. Pasha
Musician(s): Bheems Ceciroleo
Production Companies): Global Films
Release Date: 02/02/2024
Bootcut Balaraju Movie - Heroine, Cast, Crew, Collection, Ott, Release Date & Info

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