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Ice Spice Makes a Striking Debut with ‘Like..? (Deluxe)’ Album

On 21st July 2023, music enthusiasts were treated to an exciting new release as Ice Spice unveiled his debut album ‘Like..? (Deluxe).’ The album swiftly gained traction on both video and audio platforms, with several songs receiving an overwhelmingly positive response. ‘Like..? (Deluxe)’ is a remarkable 2023 debut for Ice Spice, featuring 11 tracks with music composed by RIOTUSA and lyrics penned down by Ice Spice and RIOTUSA.

Tracklist of ‘Like..? (Deluxe)’ Album:

1. How High? Song: Ice Spice’s soulful vocals shine in this captivating English song, with RIOTUSA’s music composition adding a mesmerizing touch. The lyrics, crafted by Ice Spice & RIOTUSA, lend depth to the track, making it an instant favorite among listeners.

How High? Song Music Video

    2. Butterfly Ku Song: This English song showcases Ice Spice’s versatility as a singer, backed by RIOTUSA & A. Lau’s compelling music. The collaboration of Adrian Lau, Ice Spice & RIOTUSA for the lyrics results in a unique and enchanting musical experience.

    Butterfly Ku Song Music Video

    3. Deli Song: ‘Deli’ is a soul-stirring English song, where Ice Spice’s emotive voice is complemented by RIOTUSA’s skillful music composition. The lyrics, penned by Ice Spice & RIOTUSA, add emotion and meaning to the song.

    Deli Song Music Video

    4. In Ha Mood Song: In this English song, Ice Spice effortlessly navigates through emotions, while RIOTUSA’s music adds to the overall appeal. The lyrics, a joint effort of RIOTUSA & Ice Spice, reflect the sentiments of the track beautifully.

    In Ha Mood Song Music Video

    5. Princess Diana (with Nicki Minaj) Song: Ice Spice teams up with Nicki Minaj for this sensational English song, with RIOTUSA providing the musical backdrop. The collaboration of Ice Spice, Onika Maraj & RIOTUSA for the lyrics results in a powerful and catchy anthem.

    Princess Diana (with Nicki Minaj) Music Video

    6. Princess Diana Song: This English song showcases Ice Spice’s individual artistry, with RIOTUSA’s music arrangement setting the perfect tone. The lyrics, co-written by Ice Spice & RIOTUSA, create a compelling narrative.

    Princess Diana Song Music Video

    7. Gangsta Boo (with Lil Tjay) Song: Ice Spice brings his A-game alongside Lil Tjay in this engaging English song. The collaboration of Adonis Shropshire, Chauncey Lamont Hawkins, Frank Romano, Ice Spice, Michael Carlos Jones, RIOTUSA, Sean “Puffy” Combs for the lyrics creates a dynamic track.

    Gangsta Boo (with Lil Tjay) Song Music Video

    8. Actin A Smoochie Song: Ice Spice delivers yet another impressive English song, accompanied by RIOTUSA’s musical brilliance. The lyrics, co-written by RIOTUSA & Ice Spice, add a touch of charm to the composition.

    Actin A Smoochie Song Music Video

    9. Bikini Bottom Song: In this English song, Ice Spice’s vocals captivate the audience, supported by RIOTUSA’s melodic composition. The lyrics, penned by RIOTUSA & Ice Spice, blend seamlessly with the overall vibe of the song.

    10. Munch (feelin’ U) Song: ‘Munch (feelin’ U)’ showcases Ice Spice’s musical versatility once again, with RIOTUSA’s music adding flair to the track. The lyrics, co-written by RIOTUSA & Ice Spice, convey emotions with finesse.

    11. On The Radar – Bonus Track: This bonus English song adds an exciting touch to the ‘Like..? (Deluxe)’ album, with RIOTUSA’s music arrangement elevating the experience. The lyrics, co-written by RIOTUSA & Ice Spice, offer a delightful surprise to fans.

    On The Radar – Bonus Track Music Video

    Conclusion: With the release of ‘Like..? (Deluxe),’ Ice Spice has unquestionably made his presence felt in the music world. The album showcases his extraordinary talent as a singer and songwriter, while RIOTUSA’s exceptional music composition adds to the allure of each track. ‘Like..? (Deluxe)’ is a remarkable debut album, and it leaves listeners eager for more from Ice Spice’s promising musical journey.

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