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Karan Aujla Revealed Official Track List Of BACTHAFU*UP (B.T.F.U)

Karan Aujla Revealed Official Track List Of BACTHAFU*UP (B.T.F.U):- The BACTHAFUCUP (B.T.F.U (read as “back the fuck up”) most awaited Punjabi album of Karan Aujla. The music composed by Tru Skool, All songs of B.T.F.U will be released by Speed Records on his official YouTube Channel. Explore All songs List and details with videos from the BacTHAfu*UP Album.

Karan Aujla is the current talk of the town due to the approaching release date of his upcoming and most awaited album BACTHAFU*UP (B.T.F.U). The upcoming album has succeeded in creating a lot of buzz on social media as every fan accounts of Karan Aujla are continuously updating the fans about the same.

And now he has revealed one more exciting details about BACTHAFU*UP (B.T.F.U) which seems like he has planned to make the summers hotter this year. Karan Aujla has announced the track lists of the album with the exact dates of release on his Instagram account.

The English meaning of BACTHAFUCUP is “back the fuck up”

Hindi meaning of BACTHAFUCUP is “वापस भाड़ में जाओ”


He shared a post, in which he mentioned all 13 tracks from the album B.T.F.U which will be released from 8 July.

Karan Aujla Said About Releasing of B.T.F.U: Will be dropping the Whole album with the second video.😈

B.T.F.U All Songs List:

1.Bacdafucup Intro – 17 June 2021

2. Chu Gon Do (meaning Do Ghonchu) – 8 July 2021

3. Itz A Hustle – Coming Soon

4. Sharab – Coming Soon

5. Feel The Flava (Itz All good) – Coming Soon

6. Ford (Loud Af) – Coming Soon

7. It Ain’t Legal – Coming Soon

8. Click That B Kickin It – Coming Soon

9. Boli (Guns Up) – Coming Soon

10. Addi Sunni – Coming Soon

11. Ask About Me – Coming Soon

12. Here & There – Coming Soon

13. 80 Degrees – Coming Soon

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